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Provide a quality visual arts program for the success of elementary students and teachers.  

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ArtAnswer is a complete user-friendly art program created especially for elementary children and educators. ArtAnswer’s uniquely designed lessons allow students and teachers to successfully learn the elements of visual fine arts. 


   ArtAnswer’s programs teach step-by-step art lessons packaged in

      a combined video and manual format.


   ArtAnswer’s program meets current elementary grades 1-4

      National Visual Arts Standards and links integration lessons to meet

      National Standards in math, language arts, science, physical

      education, music, health, and social science.


   ArtAnswer’s materials contain instructional tools allowing teachers to

      become facilitators. ArtAnswer’s programs are designed to

      overcome time or material constraints; a teacher’s lack of fine arts

      knowledge or skills; and the ever-increasing compressed and

      crowded curriculum demands.


   ArtAnswer’s team believes that children must learn and  

      comprehend the core elements of visual fine arts before 

      fully exploring applications and creative expressions – just as  

      students must possess the requisite tools for reading, writing 

      and math.


   ArtAnswer prepares teachers to teach art by modeling effective

      lesson planning and delivery. ArtAnswer’s developers have

     100+ years’ combined experience as elementary classroom

      teachers and art specialists.


   ArtAnswer’s video and manuals may be used by individuals or

      groups. ArtAnswer’s programs makes art completely accessible to

      everyone. Each program is designed to meet the needs of the

      insecure to the highly creative allowing each child the

     opportunity to experience success.


   National studies indicate that children who are exposed to the arts

      tend to excel in other areas of learning as well. ArtAnswer’s

      comprehensive approach incorporates auditory, tactile, visual and

      kinesthetic learning modalities to support both left and right brain

      learning needed for critical thinking and problem solving.  




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